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About us

A few words about our world

The Kontis Family, with Stavros Kontis as the inspirer and founder, began in 1968 to operate in the field of visual arts, a gallery – Art Exhibition Center, a living source of artistic breath, a gallery that goes beyond the borders of the city and becomes a center and a lighthouse of culture.

Later, in the next building at 131 Str. Makriyannis Street, a shop was opened with the main occupation of the Framing as well as art, prototypes and utilitarian gifts. The shop “Marios Kontis”.

The Kontis family continues!!
In difficult times, times of chaos for art and creation, with crises and quarantines, the third generation of the family is active in new areas and together we are redefining our goals. With taste, passion and hard work we have taken a step further with the creation of handmade jewellery and ceramics, with inspiration and our love for art as our tool, we are moving forward!

Nothing changes in the end…, maybe of course the way to reach the man or to reach him to you changes, but man always creates art, in all circumstances and we are here to serve it.

Thank you all very much for the love you have given to this cultural home and made it yours for more than fifty years… We are waiting for you here, at number 131 Makriyannis Street in Moschato, either electronically or in person, to get to know each other, to discuss, to choose things that will give you joy, as sweetly and humanely as we have been doing for so many years.

istoriko arxeio gallery konti

Our History

The Kontis family since 1968, inspired and led by the decorator and art lover Stavros Kontis and the creative pillar of his beloved wife Harikleia Konti – Mourtzi, is active in the field of visual arts, at 131 Makriyannis Street in Moschato, initially with the involvement of a small group, primarily in works of art, but also in frames, as a tool for their promotion and utilization.
Later in 1976, in the building at number 133 of the same street, he boldly created the art gallery – gallery “Konti”, a space of culture and aesthetic intervention, a living source of artistic breath in the events of the constantly developing city of Moschato.

The gallery ” Konti ” is received with emotion by the people who are thirsty to “penetrate” the field of art, to learn to evaluate, and not just to acquire an artistic creation. And this is generously found in the people of the gallery who inform and “illuminate” each work, giving it its own breath to be hosted by its new owner.
With the enthusiasm of the creators, the gallery now goes beyond the borders of the city, becomes a cultural centre, cultivates the spirit with various activities, enlightens young people who are interested, gathers information from painters, Greek and foreign, about their works and currently has one of the richest archives in Greece in the visual arts sector.
At the same time, it hosted solo and group exhibitions of prominent Greek and foreign painters, sculptors, engravers, hagiographers, as well as workshops presenting the work of important writers and journalists, people of speech and ideas.

These events have honored important cultural figures, such as, among others:
Apostolos Maganaris, poet, journalist, director of the newspaper “Ta Nea”, founder of the magazines “Maskaska”, “Theatris”, Manos Katrakis, the unforgettable leading actor, the important and award-winning poet Nikiforos Vrettakos, Vassilis Mesolongitis, Vassilis Moskovis, Solon Kydoniatis, Nikos Maragos, the visual artists Th. Lekos, K. Valsamis, G. Kouzounis, M. Nikolinakos, M. Sofianos, D. Tinianos, Max Elstern, M. Kandylis, A. Kanas, G. G. Vakirtzis, N. Kontis, S. Rallis, K. Niarchos
and other people of art who, through their presence in the field, honoured and glorified its activity.
In the end, the gallery evolved into a multicultural space, recording a long and rich history in the field of art in various fields.
It was a great honour and pleasure for the Kontis family to participate in the events of Athens, as the first cultural capital of Europe, with the publication of two books, namely “Contemporary Piraeus painters” and “The artistic history of Piraeus”, works by the excellent writer and art critic Konstantinos Theofanous, in honour of the largest port of the country, Piraeus.

The Family

stavros charikleia


The Kontis Gallery was founded by Stavros Kontis, always having his wife Charikleia by his side. He created a cultural space with the vision to bring people closer to art by offering the best prices so that every resident of Moschato, where the company is based, could have authentic works of art at home. Konti’s Gallery contribution to culture is immense. It is time to unfold a “history” unknown to many.



Maria is the wife of Marios, the owner of the business, responsible for purchases and sales and specialized in the selection of frames for all types of subjects, with the motto: “everything is framed”.

marios kontis-kornizes dwra


Marios Kontis is the specialized framing technician of the company, who is known for the quality of his work. Our shop for 35 years has been providing excellent services under his supervision, able to frame everything, such as paintings, fabrics, mirrors and special constructions (wreath cases, medals, uniforms, etc.)




Vivi is a new designer of handmade jewellery with a speciality in metal. She has created her own line called “sunny desings”, which draw inspiration from her graphic design studies, architecture and her contact with nature and the sun. She works in the shop as a designer and salesperson.



Hara is a professional photographer, a graduate of the University of West Attica (PADA). She works as the photographer for advertising and promotion our products. Since 2022 she started her own collection with handmade ceramic mugs called “Mugaki”.



Nektarios is a painter and engraver of the ASFA of Bari, Italy. He stands out because of his style and his ability to combine and transform natural materials into art.